If you would like to apply for a position with Paul Mulcair UK Ltd., please complete the form and a member of staff will review your application and be in touch.

Why Work With Paul Mulcair UK Ltd.?

  • Engage in Construction with our highly skilled team of Engineers, Quality assistance, Health and Safety, Foremen and Site Managers.
  • Project Management and other roles will offer a very competitive remuneration package full of support from both middle and senior management with an ongoing supply of resources to aid these roles.
  • Working with Paul Mulcair UK Ltd is an opportunity to work on some of the UK’s major infrastructure projects.

    What Skills Cards Do you have?
    Full Driving LicenseCSCS Labourer (green card)Apprentice (red card)Experienced Technical Supervisor or Manager (red card)Experienced Worker (red card)Trainee (red card)Skilled Worker ( blue card)Advanced Craft ( brown Card)Supervisory (brown Card)Manager (black card)Academically Qualified Person (grey card)Construction Site Visitor (yellow card)Professionally Qualified Person ( Grey card)Provisional (temporary card only) ( red card)Trainee(craft and operative) (red card)Trainee(tech, supervisory and management) (red card)Construction Site Operative (CSO) (green card)Construction Related Occupation (CRO) ( grey card)